Abelardo Wilhelm is the heart and soul of an excellent team of professionals. Entrepreneur and passionate about paragliding, has nearly 20 years of experience in the industry with extensive track record.

Kraft´s Factory is located on the outskirts of Gualeguaychu, with 100.000 citizens, 230km from Buenos Aires city and 30 from Uruguay, famous for its carnivals.

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Kraft is an initiative of Abelardo Whilelm, an entrepreneur by nature, passionate about air sports. He became an entrepreneur of free flight and powered flight, starting in 2000 with Parapente Litoral, a flight equipment retail shop.

But he did not stop there, his spirit of growth and innovation led him in 2009 to launch Kraft S.A. In June 2009 they manufactured the first paramotor and by Frebruary of 2010 (only 7 months later) they had manufactured more than 20 units. Since then, Kraft has developed and manufactured a complete range of paramotors, trike and paratrike.

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